Digital Camera Reviews: What To Look Out For

Nowadays, everywhere you go, there are sites offering reviews for digital cameras, they are not only online but in prints, they are on TVs, magazines, newspapers and even flyers. The opportunity to earn money by making reviews about products like digital cameras has push up the amount of reviews you see on digital cameras. We begin to question if these reviews and all the praises they pour on cameras being reviewed are real, thus, as an average user who just need a good camera to capture our favorite moments, we become confuse on which digital camera to purchase.

When it comes to reading reviews, one thing you should not trust at all are the press releases from the producer of the camera or the press done on behalf of the producer by the third-party advertising companies.  Why you should not trust them? Because these reviews are rarely honest, the aim of the review by the company or their advertising company is to show you the good side of the camera in order to get you to buy it. Don’t be deceived. Imagine if you are the owner of the digital camera business and you release a “press release” once the product hits the market, most of it will be half-truth.

No matter how great a product is, there are some part of it or some component that you may wish to be the other way, the producers know these and they will not put it in their review neither will they  point out the bad things or the glitches of the product in the reviews. Remember, press releases are press releases, they are meant to get you to come and buy the camera.

Another thing you should avoid when looking for reviews on digital cameras are the family shopping networks and advertisements, just like the press releases, they are mostly half-truth and do not expose everything you have to know about the camera you wish to buy. Even when they offer money-back guarantee, don’t waste your time reading them. Take a look at this camera from Sony its great for video and can capture 4k stills.


Now, to find a good review that you can trust, you need to check out the following steps and follow them accordingly.

  • Make up your mind on the type of camera you need and look for reviews about them
  • Check if the review is from the producer of the digital camera
  • Check the Quality of the camera’s lens
  • Compare the product features with other brands.
  • Check to know if they have any offers or discounts.
  • Look for reviews that are in video format.

Before reading the reviews, carried out some research, the reason why research is important is to make sure that the review is not coming from the manufacturer, like we said above, the reviews from the product producer is useless if you need a good trusted review. There are site who offer reviews on digital cameras, you can easily find these sites by running a search on Google, these sites are in no way related or affiliated to the producer but they mostly purchase the cameras, taste it and write about what they discovered on the product. If you are looking for the best camera you should get a 4k camera. This is the best option as it will future proof you.

Check out people’s opinion on Business pages: Business page like Yelp and Google Map is a good place to look for what people are saying about your intended digital cameras. Remember nowadays people pay to get reviews, so you must be careful when going through the reviews to find the one you can trust.

4k cam

Finally, for any review on digital camera to be considered fair, it has to carry both the pros and cons of the product, so that you can be aware of the benefits of the product and also be aware of their shortcomings.

MidTown Camera Store – Choosing a Camera

Whether you need a digital camera for your vacation, to cover an event or you want to venture into full-time photography, there are certain tips you need to know before making your first purchase; these tips will help you to avoid making a fatal mistake when you get your digital camera.

The digital camera market nowadays offer buyers a variety of choices, from different brands of the products to different prices, sizes and their degree of operational complexity, each of these features were made for someone who needs to solve a particular need, The market for digital camera are dominated by brands like Nikon, Canon, Olympus and film companies like Fuji and Kodak.  Then you see other options like Smartphone manufacturers and webcam makers.

There are some many advantages associated with digital cameras, they are mostly portable, there is no need for film processing and best of all you can view your pictures immediately to know how they are going to turn out, if you don’t like what you see, you can delete it immediately and snap another one, no wastage of film, you can use one memory card forever, once it gets filled up you delete some pictures, thus helping you save money.

If you will like to be a full time photographer or just want to take some pictures, buying a digital camera makes sense but the question is which one to buy and how can you know the one that you need? What to pay? Which brand? And the preferred memory, we hope this article will give you some insights.

To know which type of digital camera you need to buy, you begin by asking yourself “What do you need digital camera for” Do you need them for just everyday taking of small pictures or to enter full time photography. If your aim is just a camera for your vacation, then a pocket-size digital will work perfectly for you, on the other hand, if you plan to go into full time photography, something that is a little bit more sophisticated than every day digital camera is what you may go for.


  1. Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is very important in digital cameras, in fact once you have use a digital camera with image stabilization, you will never again look at camera that does not have it. Image stabilization helps you in taking quality pictures.

  1. Menu

How easy is your digital camera menu, some brands buried their menu and build them in such a way that it is hard to figure out, check out the camera menu that you intends to buy to know how easy it is for you to master it.

  1. Battery Life

Battery life are very important in digital cameras, it can be frustrating to have your camera run down in the middle of wedding, a good digital camera can be able to take at least about 350 to 450 images per battery charge whether you are using the flash feature or not.

  1. Fast Operation

Nobody likes a camera that takes forever to work, slow camera kills the fun in taking pictures, you should check out that the digital camera you wish to buy is not slow in any way at all.

  1. Price

Mostly price determines the type of digital camera most people purchase, some people may choose to go for what is cheap, what they can afford and end up paying more when the camera stop working after a few days, the price of camera does not determine the quality, however, when buying they don’t buy because it is cheap, buy because of the quality.

Casio EX-FR10 Detachable Action Camera in Details

The problem with most action cameras is that adjusting the setting is difficult once they’re mounted on the helmet. You can only cross your fingers and hope the filming stays sharp, while you perform your stunts and indulge in various activities. Good thing Casio developed a device with a clever design.


What’s all the fuss over the Casio EX-FR10 action cam design?

This piece of equipment offers two-part action. That is, the camera can be separated from the main body, allowing for easy control and monitoring. You can stick the detached lens onto a helmet, and then use the viewfinder to choose which frames to shoot. You can also use it as a single unit.

Since the EX-FR10’s camera and main body are connected wirelessly with each other, you can take pictures up to 10 meters away from the lens. For sharp and crisp snaps, however, Casio recommends that you stay within 5 meters.

What other features does the camera have?

  • Bluetooth connection

When separated, the camera and body are connected via Bluetooth technology. With a range of up to 10 meters in between, you can record remotely and monitor the filming in progress. As previously mentioned, however, a 5-meter distance is highly recommended.

Compared to other action cams that are forever attached as one unit, or connected with a cable, the wireless technology of the EX-FR10 makes a huge difference.

  • Compact design

This portable action cam is compact and lightweight. The combined weight of the camera and main body is 175g and measures 61 x 153 x 34mm. Since the lens is what will be mounted to a helmet, bike or jacket, you’ll be happy to know that it only weighs 63g, making it easier to handle.

  • Recording features

The EX-FR10 has an f/2.8 lens that records full 1080p HD video, for up to 75 minutes. This should give you ample time to stitch together a short story or a montage of your favorite outdoor exploits. Used as a digital camera, the EX-FR10 features a resolution of 14 megapixels, with a backlit 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor. Not too shabby, right?

The device is equipped with a mono-mic and speaker, enabling you to add a voice recording. Want to tell a story with every film you create? Use these built-in features. All files are then stored on MicroSD cards.

  • IPX6/IPX7 Certified

This action cam from Casio is dustproof and waterproof. The IPX6 and IPX7 certification, however, specify just how resistant the camera is from dust and water. It can survive high-pressure water jets, which means you can strap it to the nose of a surfboard and film your trip through tubes and high breaks. It can be immersed 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes as well.

Since it’s also shockproof, it will live to serve you another day, even after the camera is dropped from a height of 2 meters. Not that you’d want to drop it just for the heck of it.

The Casio EX-FR10 action cam comes in red, green and white, catering to the most common color options. Whether you match your helmet or jacket with the shade of the camera is up to you. During its release in Japan, the device was priced at 50,000 Yen, approximately 480 in US dollars.